Start Your Epigenetics Journey Today

December 20, 2023

At Longevity, we understand that while we're all born with a unique set of genetic predispositions, our lifestyles and environments profoundly impact how those genes are expressed over time. Scientifically speaking this occurs through processes like methylation and epigenetics.

To help our members truly understand what's happening inside their cells, we've partnered with Muhdo, a pioneering genetics profiling company.

Muhdo helps to simplify the fact that epigenetics is the intersection between genetics, nutrition, and environment and how diet, micronutrients, exercise and sleep can all change the expression of our genes – all through a simple saliva test.

By leveraging powerful bioinformatics, Muhdo pinpoints genetic biomarkers tied to cellular ageing, providing insights into how lifestyle choices influence gene expression and internal health.

Most of us only consider our chronological age, the number of years we've been alive as to how healthy we are. However, our biological age is a better reflection of our health as it shows how rapidly our cells are ageing from factors like diet, exercise, stress and pollution.

Biological ageing impacts whether our proteins function optimally, carrying out vital bodily tasks like cognition, digestion and disease resistance. While we may look healthy on the outside, epigenetics reveals what's really happening below the surface.

Muhdo's testing can help our members understand the lifestyle "software" needed to nourish genetics and live healthier, more vibrant lives.

By tracking biological age over time, we can provide science-backed diet and lifestyle suggestions personalised to your genes, empowering them to take control of their health span as well as lifespan.

Multiple longevity studies reveal key areas like vitamin D for cell protection, calorie restriction to reduce oxidative stress, lowering metabolic rate through meditation, boosting antioxidants and staying physically active can help turn back the epigenetic clock.

We're excited to integrate Muhdo's industry-leading epigenetic testing into Longevity. By analysing the collective impact of genetics, lifestyle behaviours and environmental exposures, our partnership offers members uniquely actionable recommendations for living long, healthy lives.